Chemical Structure Drawing Applet

written by Thomas Seidel

JMolDraw is a small Java-Applet for drawing organic structures on your computer. The main purpose for this applet is to use it in conjunction with a chemical database we are developing, based on MySQL. Currently we are running the system for testing at the Institute of Applied Synthetic Chemistry at the Vienna University of Technology and at the Institute of Organic Chemistry at Helsinki University.

The applet requires JRE 1.3 to be installed on your system.

But the project is still in progress.


Some ScreenShots of the applet:

Main window
Bond types
Zoom of drawing canvas
2D and 3D Rotation
Template libraries
Sample template library

The applet also supports Im/Export of MDL-Molfiles, drawing of Query-Atoms for database search, templates and much more.

If you are interested in using this applet please contact us by:


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